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What AHEC is ...
The New York State AHEC System is a workforce development initiative. We focus on increasing diversity by recruiting and training people of all races and ethnicities for careers in health care.
Our vision for better health ...
In a healthier New York State, everyone has access to quality care. Providers look like the people they care for, and understand different cultures' needs. Most important, there are enough qualified, dedicated practitioners to
serve all of our citizens, wherever they live and whatever their means.
Our vision for better jobs ...
New York has more good health care jobs than qualified workers to fill them. In fact, health care is expected to grow more than five times faster than any other field. AHEC encourages and prepares workers to pursue these rewarding positions..  » read more


Solving critical shortages
Health care practitioners are in short supply, especially in urban and rural areas, and needs are expected to grow. Increased diversity is also crucial, because outcomes improve when patients receive care from providers who understand their language, habits and beliefs. » read more

AHEC is unique
Our nine community-based AHECs are recognized leaders in developing a diverse, skilled and committed workforce across all sectors and disciplines of health care. We devote special attention to underserved urban and rural locales, ensuring that each community gets the help it needs. » read more

National network
AHEC is in almost every state and the District of Columbia. The statewide system is funded through the federal Department of Health and Human Services, New York State and local community support. Leadership comes from community-based centers, the Statewide Office at the University at Buffalo, and regional offices at Upstate Medical University, Albany Medical College and Institute for Family Health. » read more

Our mission

To enhance access to quality health care and improve health care outcomes by addressing the health workforce needs of medically disadvantaged communities and populations through partnerships between the institutions that train health professionals and the communities that need them most » read more


"Where are AHEC Students now?"

» NYS AHEC Students of the Month

Are you wondering where our current and past students are? View an interactive web map and learn about the experiences people have gone through while participating in programs hosted by AHEC centers and Regional Offices across New York State. » more information



Western New York Genetics in Research Partnership

We are currently looking for High School Science Teachers from the Western New York Area to join The Western New York Genetics in Research and Health Care Partnership!

Interested in joing?
to fill out an Application!

» project details

2015-2016 NYS AHEC System Annual Report






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